About 2Athimar7

He was born a bit on the toasty side along with 26 others to Phil and Tina, an enthusiastic pair of guppies living in an aquarium at the Pittsburgh Zoo. He grew up and went to university where he majored in Computer Science and Engineering. Things were looking up for him when, at the ripe age of 25, he was struck by a bolt of lightning and promptly died.

He was resurrected by a passing group of hippies who took him under their wing, showed him their ways, and... in the end, grew tired of his terrible jokes, shot him, and left him for dead in an alleyway before going on to become successful business bankers somewhere in the state of Iowa.

But he survived. The ordeal was so painful that he's never been able to bring himself to describe exactly how, but 9 out of every 10 dentists we polled are certain that it inolved a roll of duct tape and a copious amount of McDonald's french fries.

He has since fathered several children and even owned a lava lamp or two. At 43 years of age, he has a successful position with a Human Resources company, and he spends a great deal of his personal time playing video games. This just goes to show that, although he has nearly died twice, he still does not have a life.

Now that you've read his story, you know why he's adopted the personal moto, "God bless America. Except Iowa. D@mn Iowa!"

How to Contact 2Athimar7

He goes by Athimar on Steam, XBox Live, and the Playstation Network. He has an XBox One, an XBox 360, a PS3, a PS4, a PS Vita, and a couple of computers. He no longer has a Nintendo of any sort. Feel free to shoot him a friend request if you like the types of video games for which he posts videos. You can also reach him at 2athimar7@notthetimcurrystudios.com if you'd like the share a cupcake recipe or something like that with him.

2Athimar7's Family

His son, Athimar, Jr., and ... boy, you and your chicken need to get a room...

His eldest daughter, Girtrude!

Hello Grandma!

Hello Grandpa!

Kids at the game!

Kids at the zoo!

Cake by... I mean kids at the ocean!

He's trying - emphasis on "trying" - to dress up like Foxy from FNAF one Halloween.

Youngest daughter Tootsie at school!

Tootsie at the game!

Playing Let's Dance with Tootsie!

Time for Warm-Ups with Tootsie!