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As the title indicates, this is Not the Tim Curry Studios. Allow me to make something very clear - this site has absolutely, positively no affiliation with the great British actor and comedian, Tim Curry. Not once on this site will you see references to his great roles, such as Dr. Frank-N-Furter in The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Pennywise the Clown in the Stephen King's It miniseries, or King Arthur in Spamalot. As this page is merely a place for me to reference the video game recordings that I post to YouTube and other such items, I wouldn't dream of insulting Mr. Curry by placing a picture of him in one of his funniest roles ever, Wadsworth the Butler in Clue, front and center on a site that is both unrelated to his work and entirely insignificant in comparison.

Dear Mr. Curry,

Seriously dude... huge fan... Love your stuff... And as I am not using this site or the videos/other materials it references for anything other than my personal fulfillment - that is to say I'm not making a single dime from this $h1t - I hope that, should this page ever be brought to your attention, you would view it as an attempt to do you homage, get a laugh from it, and kindly refrain from suing my sorry white @$$. Should you feel the need to request that I change the theme of my site, please do so and I will be more than happy to rechristen it I Can't Believe this has Nothing to do Whatsoever with John Cleese Productions or something like that.





January 27, 2020: You asked for a big update? You got one. 35 videos! I finished Yoake Mae Yori Ruriiro Na by adding 2 new videos for Midori, followed by 4 for Sayaka, 9 for Estel, 3 for Wreath, and another 7 for Feena. Then, for good measure, I uploaded another 10 Skyrim vidos. You can find all of them in the video game videos section. Enjoy!

At the end of the 4th Sayaka video, Tootsie and I recorded a review, as we always do. This time, we did it to a parody of a couple songs from the musical, Les Miserables. We had so much fun making it that we pulled it out and posted it up to Youtube on its own.

January 01, 2020: Happy New Year! For you, I've got another 6 videos posted for Yoake Mae Yori Ruriiro Na. The first is the last in Natsuki's path The next 4 are the first ones I've posted for Midori's path. The last is a Skyrim Special Edition video - the fifth one. You can find them in the video game videos section. Enjoy!

December 30, 2019: I got another 20 videos posted - the first is the last video of Feena's initial path in Yoake Mae Yori Ruriiro Na. The next five are for Mia's path. Following that are six are for Mai's path (no you're not reading them wrong - this path has two characters with very similar names). Then I posted four videos for Natsuki's path.

In addition, I started a replay of Skyrim, Special Edition, once again stepping into the boots of my favorite Elder Scrolls player character - Jaganvir the Redguard. I've got four videos posted for this new game as well.

You can find them in these videos in the video game videos section. Enjoy!

December 09, 2019: I got another 6 videos posted - again, all 6 are for Feena's path in Yoake Mae Yori Ruriiro Na. You can find them in the video game videos section. Enjoy!

December 03, 2019: I've recorded the first 4 videos for Yoake Mae Yori Ruriiro Na, known in English as either Brighter than Dawning Blue or Crescent Love. You can find them in the video game videos section. This starts off - but doesn't finish - Feena's opening route. There's still plenty more of this route to come.

December 01, 2019: I got the final 5 videos posted for a Sky Full of Stars - this time for Orihime's route. You can find them in the video game videos section. Next up, I'll be starting a game of Yoake Mae Yori Ruriiro Na. Stay tuned!.


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